Is JustAnswer a Scam? How Much Can You Get Paid For Each Question You Answer?

is justanswer legit
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Is it true that it pays well or is JustAnswer a scam? 

If you’re one of those people that’s an expert in one particular field or always has an opinion about something, then this JustAnswer review might be perfect for you. 

I accidentally stumbled upon this site when I was searching for a vet to help me out with my pug’s skin condition. I wasn’t able to visit my local vet at the time because the government decided to close all vet clinics due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

That did not mean that I was gonna let my chubby bear hurting, so I knew I had to find a way to resolve the issue. 

I tried to get in touch with a couple of vets online but unfortunately had a tough time doing so because, as I said, most of the clinics were shut down and they weren’t admitting any patients (or pets) at the time. However, you want to call them. 


That’s when I encountered this questionnaire site and to tell you the truth, I’m glad I did. 

I was able to get a hold of a vet in less than ten minutes, and he managed to point me in the right direction by telling me which remedies I needed to use to help my Pugnut out. 

Long story short, I paid a nominal price, so I was curious to find out how much money did the vet earn for being such fine folk. I was convinced that the price I paid was way too small and that I’d be charged way more if I went to the vet. 

I simply could not understand why a vet would spend his time answering people’s questions on such a site and that’s when I decided to do a review on and see if this site was legit and if it’s a real possibility to make an additional income with it.

This article is what I came up with, and if you read it carefully, it’s going to help you in deciding whether you should sign up as an expert or try to find a better side hustle instead. 


What is JustAnswer? is a questionnaire site where many people from all around the world go to find answers to all sorts of different questions and resolve their issues without ever having to leave their homes. 


In my case, I was looking for a veterinarian. 

Still, in many different instances, people are seeking help from experts coming from various industries such as healthcare, agriculture, finance, technology, the food industry, etc. 

It’s a site that was created in 2003 by a guy named Andy Kurtzig, and back then it went by the name of ExpertAsk. is justanswer a scamAndy was encouraged to create such a site because he had a hard time reaching a doctor when his wife was pregnant, which in many cases can leave people feeling anxious, which is never a good thing. 

He thought that it would be a great idea to set up an online spot where people can get together and seek expert help without the hustle of making an appointment or having to wait in line. 


Can You Make Money With JustAnswer? 

Yes, you can. The very same site we’re talking about is giving you a chance to earn some extra cash by answering peoples’ questions.

And before you jump into conclusions, I need to let you know that no master’s degree is required for you to apply and start earning on this site and that it is open to anybody that has some expertise.


You don’t have to be a lawyer, or a doctor, or a sales manager. 

Instead, you need to have a good understanding of how things work and at least be knowledgeable on one specific topic like computers, SEO, sales, math, woodwork, and so forth. 


It’s definitely helpful if you have a degree or a certificate, but it’s not mandatory. 

So if you’re good at something, let’s say growing bonsai trees, then head over to JustAnswer and offer your expertise to someone that might need it. Your background story is not important as long as you can offer some good advice. 

Becoming an expert on means that you will have the freedom to work when and wherever you want to, doing what you do best while still being a caring person by helping people. 

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How Does JustAnswer Work? 

How does JustAnswer Work, you ask? 

The simplest way to describe it is to see it as a mediator where on one side you have the people that are asking the questions, and on the other, the experts that are waiting to answer them. 

The way that this site works is very similar to Quora, but you actually get paid for each question you answer. Bear in mind that you need to provide high-quality answers and not just throw a bunch of crappy replies just for the sake of it. 

If you’re using this site as a person who seeks help, then you’ll be asked to deposit $5 so that you can assure the guys over at that you are serious about their services and that you won’t waste someone’s time. 


So, how do you apply to become an expert? 

The easiest way to do it is to head over to their site and create your JustAnswer Expert account. You’ll need to fill in a sign-up form where you’ll be asked to enter your first and last name, e-mail address, and phone number. 

You will also need to choose a specialty, or in other words, something you’re good at. You can choose between tens of categories, including wellness, cars, boats, consumer electronics, and what not to be honest. justanswer reviewOnce you’ve chosen the desired category you want to be helping people at, the JustAnswer team will ask you to provide them with some info regarding your education and relevant work history from the past couple of years. 

Then you click Apply and wait to see if they’ll approve you. You can start to earn some cash from the very moment your application passes the approval process, which shouldn’t take more than two weeks. 


How Much Does JustAnswer Pay?

You will get a small fee from each question you answer. Depending on the subject and the level of expertise that is required to explain it, you can get paid anywhere between %20 – %50 of what the customer pays.

To get paid, the customer will need to give you a positive rating which will indicate that your expertise is what helped him to get his issue solved. 

The customer can pay a different price for each question he asks. The cost of the problem depends on several factors, but it’s usually calculated depending on what industry it’s in. 

A question that’s related to the Health Industry will probably outprice a question that’s in the Software Industry, and that shouldn’t be too surprising because that’s just how things work in real life. 

A visit to the doctor will cost you more than a software update. Period. 


How Much Does JustAnswer Cost? 

This section is only for those who wish to sign-up and seek help within the platform. Signing up as an expert won’t cost you anything, but hiring one to answer your question will. 

You get a chance to test out the platform by signing up for a seven day free trial for just $5. After your free trial ends, and you still haven’t cancelled your subscription, then you’ll be billed an extra $28 each consecutive month. 


Is JustAnswer Legit or Is it a Scam? 

According to Trust Pilot and Sitejabber, eight out of ten people have had a positive experience while using JustAnswer and almost %90 are saying that they are quite satisfied with the excellent service. 

I didn’t experience any difficulties while using the platform, and I can comfortably give it a five-star rating. Besides helping me, the company has served over 8 million people and answered tens of millions of questions for users worldwide. 


Why Not Go For Something Better Instead?

Don’t get me wrong, I like JustAnswer, and I genuinely believe that it’s an excellent platform for people looking to make some extra cash by sharing their expertise and experience, but I think I might have something better for you. 

My number one recommendation for making money online will equip you with all the knowledge to build your own successful (and sustainable) online business. 

Why settle for less when you can have it all? 🙂


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  1. Wow, the monthly membership price seems to have almost doubled to 48$ a month. It looks like a whole lot when you also have to pay to ask a question.

    So basically, I’m paying just answers so they can charge me to use the service. JustAnswer might not be a scam, but…

    1. It’s even more than that – around $60. You said it best – it might not be a scam, but one should consider whether it’s worth the investment.

  2. The payment model has changed significantly over the last 3-4 months. Initially, you would get paid about $9-$11 per question after receiving a 3 star or above rating. Anything less, and you would get nothing.

    There were many complaints that customers would get their answers, then rate only 1 star; this apparently worked in favor of the customer of not being charged for the question.

    After this, the company changed the payment model to a Tiered system of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Tin.

    This meant you would get paid $13, $11, $9, $4, and $2, respectively. The scam is how you placed in which tier; the algorithm is very shady and not transparent.

    In this new model, I was making an extra $4k-$6k (Silver-tier of $9 PQ) per month for about three months, then for no real reason, they changed to a new algorithm, and I was decreased to Bronze tier at $4 PQ.

    No reason, no explanation and since then I have stayed at the $4 PQ.

    I have seen many other experts migrate from this site because of this shady payment model. I guess they saw they were losing profits and had to make a change by using the experts.

    $4 PQ is absolutely not worth the time. I was a Medical Expert. Be very wary when you join this site.

    1. Hey, Vern. Thanks for letting me know, buddy. I hope others get to see what you have to say about JustAnswer, and hopefully, follow your advice.

    2. Hi,

      Do you have another website like this one with better PQ ? Which website do you use now?

      Thank you for your answer.

  3. This seems like a legit website and it also seems like people have positive experiences with it. I may give it a try in the future, but for now I will stick with your recommendation.

  4. Thanks for writing this informative post on Is JustAnswer a Scam? How Much Can You Get Paid For Each Question You Answer? I’ve never heard of this website. It sounds like an awesome site. I’ll have to try it out. Did they answer your questions? Did they solve your problem with your dog? I’m wondering how good of a job they did.
    Thanks again,

    1. Yup, the vet was very helpful and he even sent me a box of treats for my dog. If I had to give him a rating, it would definitely be a 10/10. If you have a similar problem then I highly recommend this site.

      P.S: My vet was named Andy (I can’t remember his last name)

  5. This is a great platform, and I can imagine that justanswer is now busier than before, now that most people are still staying at and working from home due to the pandemic. I am thinking of signing up myself, to offer answers in areas I am experienced in. At the same time I would be helping out people (and animals) 😉
    I am glad that I found this review today!

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