Contrarian Income Report Review: Another $39 Scam Newsletter?

Contrarian Income Report Review
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The stock market offers two ways by which you can earn money: actively trading while enjoying your morning coffee or investing in stocks that provide dividends. 

If you are in the market looking for ways to protect your capital and earn, then dividends play is what you should focus on. 

To help you get started, allow me to share my Contrarian Income Report review with you and ultimately answer whether it’s a scam or not!

The stock market is a minefield, and if you do not watch out and plan your moves, you might find yourself stuck in a tricky situation. 

And when I say stuck, I’m actually trying to say that you might find yourself risking more of your money than what you initially expected. 

It is easy to find hypes around some of the top-performing stock picks in social media, but there is no guarantee if these are worth your money.

Contrarian Income Report ReviewTake it from me. Back when I first tried my hands on the stock market, I remember being so confident about having enough capital and that this might be the key to financial freedom. 💸


Without research, the foolish me prevailed, and I instantly bought tons of shares from several companies which I honestly knew nothing about. My basis for buying was that I relied on sentiments on social media, which was quite ludicrous, not that I look back on it. 

I thought that if people are constantly saying positive things about a company, then it must be good! And that’s where I started losing.

You see, what I failed to realize is that one of the companies I invested in was a penny stock, and its volatility is at maximum level! 

While people were hyping it up online, they were secretly selling their shares at a much higher price. Fast forward to today, that same stock is still in the red.


But why am I saying this? 🤔

Well, before we dive into this review, I want to remind you that your investment will always be at risk when you deal with the uncertainties that the stock market brings. 

With this in mind, I want to take this opportunity to remind you that you should never put all your eggs in one basket. 

Just like what Kiyosaki reminded his readers, you should only invest a portion of your money and not everything because security is not the most vital characteristic of the market.

Just because you are investing in the long term does not mean your funds are safe. On the brighter side, though, investing has proven to be a great way to double or even triple your money. 

Like with recent events regarding GameStop shares which practically made people a thousand dollars richer in just a day!


Now, I’m assuming that’s the reason why you landed on this post. 😊

You’re interested in finding out whether the stock market is a money machine or not and if there’s a possibility to increase the value of your pension money just by investing. 

To help you get started, allow me to give you my complete Contrarian Income Report review so that you will have an idea of whether this is something that you should follow or not.

Before we get started, allow me just to put a declaimer here by saying that I am not in any way, shape, or form being compensated to write this post, nor am I a member of the Contrarian Income Report. 

What you will see in this post is not hype but my honest opinion about their financial advice and nothing more. 

Towards the end of this post, I will also share my most recommended way of earning online so that you have more stable, long-term opportunities to look at than the stock market. 

Now that that is out of the way, off we go! 🚀


Is Brett Owens A Scammer?

First, let me introduce one of the men behind the Contrarian Income Report, Brett Owens. He holds under his belt a degree in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University. 

He has been the leader of the Phi Kappa Tau, a popular collegiate fraternity that focuses on leadership.

After graduating, he joined sales-related opportunities such as the leadership program in sales under the General Electric Company and as a sales consultant under Planisware USA. 

A few years after, at long last, he joined the world of finance by becoming an editor under the Palm Beach Research Group and Contrary Investing. He also became the Co-founder and founder of Chrometa, Lead Dyno, and Afluencer.

In 2015, he became the Chief Investment Strategist of Contrarian Outlook, and to this day, he continues to be one of the most active in the company in terms of sharing new financial posts, commentaries, and interviews. 

He has been one of the go-to contributors of Forbes, especially on topics about dividend-paying stocks. Besides his busy career, he was also the best-selling author of the book entitled “How to Retire on Dividends.” 

Upon checking the book online, it has garnered hundreds of positive reviews from the Amazon site itself to Goodreads

I haven’t read it myself, but most of the comments say that the book is practical, easy to follow, and has accurate data compared to some of the books that utilize “fluff” content.

I cannot find any scandals, scams, or cases against him, nor is his name used in any fraudulent activities. 

It’s safe to classify him as legitimate and is indeed an investor and a great entrepreneur, as reflected by the number of companies he started.


Contrarian Income Report Review

If you’ve been following this website for some time, you must know that I have always been critical in reviewing financial newsletters like Contrarian Income Report. 

I have stalked and reviewed some of the most controversial ones like Project ProphecyReal Wealth Strategist, and Total Wealth Insider. Today, what I have for you is something different as this one focuses on pensioners.

And when I say pensioners, I actually mean that the target market is those professionals who have served in various fields but may have no knowledge about the stock market or are not interested in learning the technicalities and charting process. 

This is the reason why the Contrarian Income Report is written in an easy-to-read manner while explaining the best possible advice for safeguarding your savings in the market while taking advantage of dividends.

Is Contrarian Income Report a scamUnlike other similar newsletters, the Contrarian Income Report deals only with stock recommendations that will generate returns in the long run. 📈


And “returns” means that the price will increase within three to five years, and you’ll also get to earn through generous dividends. To give you an idea of the type of stocks in this report, here is a concise explanation.

As you saw from the video, dividend investing is a strategy for buying stocks that pay out cash at a specific date as a reward to its investors. 


Before you go and invest in one, please note that it also has its cons. 👎

For instance, you might see that the company offers dividends, but it can actually eliminate that offer or even slash the amount any time without any reason. 


In this sense, finding the correct type of company is a must. ⭐

And this is where the Contrarian Income Report takes center stage. This membership-based newsletter is offered by the research financial services company known as the Contrarian Outlook. 

This financial firm has been in the industry since August 2015 and has been providing numerous pieces of advice featured in Forbes, Nasdaq, and Investing.

The very fact that this company has been contributing articles of Nasdaq and Forbes already shows how credible their investment advice is. 

Add to that is that they offer the latest commentaries for free on their website, and you’ve got a pretty reliable source. 

Upon checking, the article is not just some editorial but is actually based on proofs from the market – some posts even show charts for a visual representation.

Additionally, I like that the editors on the site take time to explain what happened to specific stocks. 

As a matter of fact, upon checking, they have almost five articles explaining what happened to GME and how the Reddit rally pumped the price of that stock.

Through explanations like this, you can already sense the level of proof that they provide in their main product – the Contrarian Income Report.


How Does Contrarian Income Report Work?

Like any financial newsletters out there, this one provides you with stock picks for the month and the suggested buy and sell price. It is recommended that you follow their buy/sell board to replicate the company’s success. 

Based on how I see it, their focus is on providing stocks that have the most possibility of helping you generate returns and dividends over the long term. 

Again, please note that this will not focus on highly volatile stocks, penny stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. Instead, it’s ideal for those interested in something on a much safer end of the investing spectrum. 

At the same time, please note that your investment capital is still at risk even if you follow all of their recommendations because, truth be told, no one can really predict the markets’ fluctuations. 

Is the Contrarian Income Report Legitimate

Remember that. No guru out there can ever say that they know what’s coming, and if you ever come across one promising you something along those lines, then I highly suggest your back on him immediately.🛑✋


As for the Contrarian Income Report – their stock recommendations are on a less risky side as they provide a mixture of stocks every month.

The stock recommendations usually include a few blue-chip companies and some undervalued stocks that have opportunities to rise in prices in the next three to five years. 


Yep, the minimum holding period is at least three years! 😬

And to be honest, there is nothing wrong with that as three years should give you plenty of time to gain massive profits. 

Another way they try to earn money is through dividends, where you have the power to decide if you will reinvest the money you gain or withdraw it straight away. 

Not bad, right? Here’s an example of some companies that provided dividends in the year 2020. 


See the list there? 📝

Of course, you might be thinking that the dividend is not that big; however, let me remind you that those numbers are still to be divided based on the number of your shares. 

For instance, if you have been investing in ITC and are supposed to have a 10.15 dividend, you must multiply based on the number of your shares. If you have 500 shares, you will earn around five thousand US dollars, which is a considerable amount. 

So, if you will ask me, the Contrarian Income Report is indeed a piece of sound financial advice as they only provide you with a list of stocks that have guaranteed dividends.

The only thing that they cannot predict is the number of dividends as this relies entirely on the company. But as far as the newsletter is concerned, it will do its best to help you create a monthly income stream purely out of their stock advice.

Joining the company is easy, and all you have to do is visit their website and activate the 60-day trial period.

From there, you can have instant access to their monthly reports and resources so that each member will have an idea based on each recommendation. 

Once the trial is done, you will be asked whether you want to continue with the product subscription or not. If you do decide to join them for good, you will have to pay the fee worth $39 for the first year and then $99 for the regular price. 

The cost is already worth it, which explains why so many people are willing to try this newsletter out. Aside from the fact that it has a low fee, you will also be guaranteed the following:

  1. Monthly dividend superstars
  2. List of five fixed income funds
  3. Learn about preferred shares (with historical data)
  4. 12 dividend stocks to sell now
  5. 12 monthly issues on the first Friday of every month
  6. Flash alerts (if there is a sudden buy or sell symbol)
  7. Second-level coaching videos that show how Brett Owens thinks and profits
  8. Weekly market analysis
  9. Quarterly webinars
  10. 24.7 access to the member’s only portal
  11. Access to previous issues, special reports, and a complete portofolio 


Here’s what I think. If you intend to follow the advice outlined here, I suggest that you only invest what you can afford to lose. 

Never put your complete faith in just one financial newsletter because, at the end of the day, it is you who should be calling the shots since you’re investing YOUR OWN money.

However, if you have no idea and are just planning to look for a company that will pay well, I suggest that you take note of this company’s suggestion. 

At least here, you may not earn a lot right away, but you can make from dividends and slowly increase your wealth. Additionally, this is only recommended for long-term investors since the main goal here is to trade as little as possible so that beginners will not face any complications.

Contrarian Income Report ProsIf you will ask me if there is one thing that I like about this financial report, then that would be its comprehensive explanation on how they arrived at their recommendation. 👍✅


As a beginner, you can learn how an investor thinks and the strategies you must apply if you want to buy your stocks and deviate from their suggestions.

In short, the annual fee is not just for the advice itself but also for learning the reasons, technicals, and how to filter the market conditions. Do I recommend it? Absolutely. And this leads us to the question…


Is Contrarian Income Report A Scam?

The Contrarian Income Report is definitely not a scam, and you can find comfort in knowing that they even contribute their advice and financial commentaries to two of the most popular and highly regarded stock-related sites: The Forbes (business section) and the NASDAQ! 

I, for one, understand how difficult it is to have your content be featured on those sites, so this must mean that their contents’ quality must be really up to standards. 

Add to that is that the Chief Investment Strategist, Brett Owens, is a popular man in the industry with a track record like no other. 

He has a considerable number of followers and is the author of a best-selling book directly related to earning from dividends and the Contrarian Income Report!

I really have nothing wrong to say about this financial newsletters’ quality for such an inexpensive cost. I think that it gives safe stocks intending to preserve the capital as much as possible. 

It is different because it does not deal with highly volatile investments (crypto, commodities, or forex) and only rides on the stocks.


Remember – the growth of your money depends on you. 💰

Based on my experience, investing with just a few thousand dollars is not enough that you can live from the dividends alone. 

To earn enough from your positions, I highly suggest that you increase your investments without dipping into your savings. To make this happen, you must discover new income streams.


How I Make A Living Online

The fact that you’re reading this last part of my review suggests to me that you’re genuinely interested in discovering more income opportunities.

As luck would have it, I might have a suitable one for you, and in this conclusion, I would love to share some of the reasons I got started with it and why I believe you should consider following in my footsteps. 

The opportunity that I’ll be sharing with you comes in the form of an online business, and it’s the very same one that I’ve been using to rack up nearly five thousand dollars in profit last month. 

While I assure you that success is not guaranteed, I’m also firmly convinced that you could reach and even surpass my achievements, but only if you dedicate yourself fully and listen to what I have to say. 

In this business line, you’ll be relieved from all the hassles that come with trading, such as substantial start-up costs and all that fun stuff, but yet again, it comes with its own set of challenges. 

Contrarian Income Report alternativeTo better comprehend the entire process of how I make a living online, it might be better to look at my money guide as it will reveal everything there is to know about this prosperous industry. 🤩


It outlines what it is, how it works, all the risks and benefits that come with it, all while showing you what I believe is the most excellent route for you to get started with less than $1.38 per day

So, what I do is called affiliate marketing, and as an affiliate, my job is to promote and sell other people’s products and services. 

In return, I get compensated with more often than not %40 commissions, and the best part about it is that most of them are recurring ones. 

While it does take some time to get things going, the commissions start to overlap after a while, resulting in me (and possibly you one day) getting heftier paychecks at the end of each month. 

The passive potential that AM has is unlike anything you’ve seen before, and it’s incomparable to other widespread business models such as all-types-of-trading, lead generation, dropshipping, and all the other ones that you might have heard of. 

Affiliate marketing has always been popular amongst online earners, but even more so lately since it’s set to explode in the upcoming few years because of the rapidly increasing number of internet users. 

That fact alone makes NOW the best time to jump in on the bandwagon and explore what this opportunity has to offer. 

As I said earlier, I’m an affiliate marketer myself, and here’s a quick list of some of the reasons why I think you should consider becoming one too. 

  1. It’s one of the most recommended business models for beginners. 
  2. 2 out of 3 online earners are affiliates. 
  3. AM is considered as a low-risk-high-return-investment. 
  4. Compared to other business models, AM has a low-startup cost. 
  5. Your success doesn’t rely on any external sources. 
  6. It’s a performance-based type of business. 
  7. It matures into a full-blown source of passive income with time. 
  8. It’s convenient, affordable, and no previous experience is required. 
  9. AM is a pretty flexible and creative way to make a living online. 
  10. Here’s a list of success stories to see what others say about it. 🏆


As you’d expect, like any other business, this one also requires learning a thing or two about the process, and I believe now would be the best time to introduce you to the very same platform that helped me get started when I was a rookie myself. 

Believe it or not, I’m still a premium member to this day, and that alone speaks how valuable it’s been for me, and after giving it a chance, for some reason, I sense you’ll feel the same way about it too. 

If I had not found it years ago, the site you’re currently on wouldn’t have existed, nor would I know how to get you on this page and have you read my Contrarian Income Report review. 


A clear indication that what it teaches works.

I’m almost sure that I had not come across it, that I would have ended up as another clueless dweller trying to figure out what goes where and who does what, which has proven to be a bad idea on multiple occasions.

For this conclusions’ sake, let’s assume that you knew what AM was before finding my site. If that’s were to be the case, there’s a good chance that you already knew about Wealthy Affiliate, which I consider to be one of the best places to get started as a newcomer. 

 In a few words, it’s like an all-in-one platform for anyone that’s looking to build a successful online business by creating simple yet very effective, beautiful, profit-ready websites. 


Sites like the one you’re on now. 🙂

WA is genuinely a one-of-a-kind educational center, as they have helped thousands of other like-minded people to transform their ideas into profits.

We all have that one aspiring thought that gets us up in the morning, and as you might know, it only takes one idea to create a successful online business. WA is that platform that can help your concept come to fruition, and I honestly mean it. 

As they did for me and countless other affiliates, WA can also share with you the much-needed pieces of training, tools, and support to go out there with complete readiness, total willingness, and crush it as a novice in the industry. 

They’ll not only show you the exact step-by-step process on how to build your very first website but, better yet, teach you all the proven strategies to attract thousands of highly-targeted potential customers. 

Contrarian Income Report Whether you’re a complete newbie as I once was or an aspiring entrepreneur who’s looking to mature several different businesses to new levels, this is the place to be. 💯


As you might know, the most challenging aspect of building any business is getting help when you need it, and as a WA member, you’ll have access to one of the most helpful communities in the world that is ready and waiting to help you out during any time of the day. 

WA never sleeps and is genuinely one of those platforms that care about its members. It’s worldwide, intimately big, and there’s a WHY it has been active for more than 16 years now and even voted as the number one affiliate platform on numerous occasions. 

I’m not sure what your idea of success is, but I can assure you that there is no upper limit to what you can achieve with the right mindset and proper guidance. 


It only takes commitment and a little bit of elbow grease. 💪

At the minute, Wealthy Affiliate deals with a unique freemium membership model that makes it possible for you to test out the platform with some of its features without paying a dime. 

It should be more than enough to decide whether such a career is one worth pursuing, and if you choose to give it a chance, I’d be more than happy to welcome you on the other side. 

It’s time for me to end this Contrarian Income Report review, so hopefully, I was able to give a solid answer of whether the newsletter is a scam and a complete waste of time or not. 

If you would like to ask me something or simply share your thought with me, feel free to do so by leaving a comment down below, and as always, I’ll give my best to reply to it in a timely manner. 👋


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  1. Hi Gorjan,

    I also invest in the stock so that I can relate to some points here. Indeed, you cannot put all your money in one basket since the stock market is not always stable.

    Contrarian Income Report only gives stock recommendations that will generate returns in the long run, which triggers my interest to know more.

    I know some people are very good at day-trading, which is a short-term game, while some prefer to invest in the long way(me included.) So, I think I will take this newsletter subscription into serious consideration.

    Even though you have the recommendations, I know it doesn’t mean you can 100% earn something. Many factors influence people to buy & sell the stock, especially when you look at the greedy side of people…

    You still need to do your researches on those stock recommendations and be responsible for your stock operation, right?

    Thanks for sharing today. To your earnings! 🙂


    1. I used to tip my toes in day-trading back in the day, but as you said, it’s a short-term game and completely opposite of what I was looking for.

      And don’t get me started on the greediness of people – one of the main reasons why so many have a hard time succeeding in the market.

      To your earnings as well!

  2. It seems like the Contrarian Income Report is like the Kelly Blue Book of the stock market.

    Based on what you’re saying, it makes sense to get as much information as possible to make good decisions on which stocks to purchase, primarily if you’re investing a large sum of money.

    You want some guarantees for monetary growth.

    As far as the plug for affiliate marketing, it seems logical that people would go to the internet for product and service advice. Hence, the market for affiliate marketing is fruitful. I wish you well in your journey!

    Thanks for your post!

    1. The Kelly Blue Book of the stock market comment got me laughing. Nice one!

      And the best part about AM is that it’s here to stay. People will always want to hear other people’s opinions before buying something. It’s just something we do, and I’m pretty sure it has to do with the approval of the masses and the sharpest criticism of a single review.

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