Is Matt Badiali a Scammer? My Real Wealth Strategist Review!

Real Wealth Strategist Review
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Opportunities are fleeting, which is why you must come prepared for whatever it is that life has to offer, especially if the chance is about your finances. 

If you have come across trading on the stock market, then I guess you are wondering whether you can profit from it with the help of financial newsletters like the Real Wealth Strategist. 

To help you get started, we will first answer the question: 


Is Matt Badiali a scammer or a trustworthy guru? 💭


You see, financial newsletters have been around for the longest time now, and they are already recognized for treating the concepts of “safety” and general “trading.” 

While it is relatively accurate that you can position yourself in a less risky situation, newsletters are nothing but references and are not prophetic

This means that if you want guidance on what stock to buy, you can use their recommendations, but only you will be liable once you click on the “buy” button.


Navigating the market is a real pain in the butt, and it has lots of uncharted consequences, which is why I cannot really blame you for wondering if financial newsletters work. 

But if there is one advice that I can give any aspiring trader or investor, then that would be to clear their thoughts and understand their goal. 

For instance, you may simply answer the questions below: 👇

  1. How exactly are you going to use the newsletters?
  2. Do you trust the editor behind the newsletter?
  3. How much are you willing to spend to get stock alerts?
  4. What are the target industries you want to play with?
  5. Are you ready to take risks? 


The first question is fundamental as it can draw the line on how successful you can become in the market. 

Suppose you intend to turn into a puppet who will solely follow all the recommendations and not do your own research or analysis. In that case, the chances of losing your your hard-earned money will significantly increase. 

Is Matt Badiali A ScammerI see financial newsletters as useful tools. However, they are far from a subscribe-and-get-rich type of service. 


They will give stock picks based on financial analysts’ studies, but you cannot guarantee if those so-called “studies” are done correctly. 

In this sense, if they miscalculate by mere points, it can affect your investments significantly. 

To avoid this, you must view newsletters only as chapter-guides and you as an investor will still be the one who will do the technical analysis.


The second essential question lies in your confidence with the editor. 🙂

If you trust the guy and you’re a fan of his long experiences in the market, then you can subscribe to the newsletter. 

At the same time – if you feel that there is something shady about his past, then you’d be better off passing the opportunity and continuing your seek somewhere else. 

So, I would highly recommend you find out everything about the editor first before subscribing to anything.


The third question depends on you alone.

What I love about financial newsletters is the fact that a lot of them are very affordable, and it just boils down on what type of service you are looking for. 


Are you looking to get newsletters alone or do you want some video training as well? 

The fourth and fifth questions are somewhat related to each other. If you are on the process of fishing out on an excellent investment advisor, I suggest that you go over the details on the type of stocks that will be traded. 

There are many newsletters (even though they may all look the same) because they recommend stocks based on particular industries.


•  Would you like to try your hand on penny stocks on new technology? 📈

•  How about a deal with gold and options? ⭐

•  Or better yet, would you like to invest in blue-chip companies? 🔵


No matter what you choose, there is always a newsletter just for that. If you are interested in trading on natural resources and mining, my Real Wealth Strategist review is perfect for you. 

Want to know the details? Let’s get into it! 🚀


Is Matt Badiali a scammer?

As I have said above, any service’s strength lies on the face of whoever the editor is. Come on, would you be willing to take advice from someone who does not have any clear trail of professional experience? 

Hell NO! 


Unfortunately, many newsletters are like that. Not only do they have questionable recommendations, but some believe it or not, even add editor names who do not exist!

You are lucky for considering the Real Wealth Strategist since its editor, Matt Badiali is valid on all levels. 

Aside from a flair as a financial analyst, he holds a career as a geologist under his belt. It’s kind of funny when you think about it considering the chances of becoming an analyst and a PhD candidate in Geology are somewhat low. 

He started his career in 1996 when he became a Geologist under Lemenze Environmental Drilling Co. where he worked for the next four years. 

Finally realizing his potential in the financial scene, he joined Stansberry and Associates in 2005 where he took the role of a financial analyst until 2017. 

Immediately after that, he developed financial newsletters under Banyan Hill, and through this came our Real Wealth Strategist newsletter. 

THE REAL WEALTH STRATEGIST REVIEWIn terms of credibility in finance, I am happy to report that he is well respected and has been featured several times on some of the most prominent media outlets.


Some of them are i24NewsFox BusinessCheddar TVBloomberg, and CNBC (just to name a few). He also has an official Crunchbase bio, a green light for me since not everyone has a biography.

He does not have any cases thrown at him or sketchy news about his credibility as of writing. He has around 1.67k followers on Twitter and no Facebook page under his name regarding social media presence. 


He also has a semi-active YouTube account with around 243 subscribers. 

You can also get in touch with him through his personal Facebook account or his heartwarming website filled with family members and dogs’ pictures. 

All of the facts mentioned above tell us that Matt Badiali is quite transparent, credible, and miles away from being a scammer.

Unlike previous reviews on editors, this is the first time I come across a guru who shares his real-life with the world. Even his Facebook account does not have any post about investments at all.

So, for peeps out there looking to follow a guru who they can easily resonate with, I suggest our guy, Matt! 😊


The Real Wealth Strategist Review

If you have been following this site, you probably know everything there is to know about Banyan Hill or Agora Financials. 

Real Wealth Strategist is published under the same company where it is heavily marketed as a newsletter for commodity stocks. It currently retails at $47 for the standard, $79 for premium, and $129 for deluxe.

Given Matt’s academic success, you can expect him to bridge the gap between finance and natural resources. 

Suppose you are interested in trading or investing stocks on natural resources, mining, farming, oil fields, metals, and innovations on heavy machinery pieces. 


In that case – the Real Wealth Strategist is the right choice. ✅

Let me clarify that it is not a perfect one (no newsletter is actually), but it can guarantee returns that are relatively on the safe side for new traders.

This newsletter was published in 2017, and it has quite a good rating as reflected on StockGumShoe. 

I believe that the reason behind the fair rating is that Matt’s whole recommendations are in the entry-level arena, which means that the possibility of gaining profit is much higher and less risky.

However, please note that gaining profit from this newsletter does not mean some get-rich-quick type of profit, okay? 


I only meant to say – a small but consistent return of investment. ✓

If you are a pro trader looking for significant income gains, then I suggest that you pass this one up as the primary market of this newsletter are the complete beginners with low to medium risk appetite.


How does the Real Wealth Strategist work?

Subscribing to the Real Wealth Strategist (RWS) is relatively easy as all you have to do is go to the Banyan Hill site and look for the newsletter. 

Please ask yourself whether you are ready to get your hands on investing/trading natural resources before subscribing. If you are, then I guess it’s time for me to lay down all that is included in the subscription levels:

The Standard

  1. Monthly newsletters
  2. Instant access to a members-only site
  3. RWS portfolio with buy and sell tables
  4. Trade alerts
  5. Weekly podcast updates


The Premium

  1. Monthly newsletters
  2. Instant access to a members-only site
  3. RWS portfolio with buy and sell tables
  4. Trade alerts
  5. Weekly podcast updates
  6. Access to Golden Rolodex interviews (where Matt interviews some of the industry experts and CEOs of portfolio companies)
  7. Access to previous newsletters


The Deluxe

  1. Monthly newsletters
  2. Instant access to a members-only site
  3. RWS portfolio with buy and sell tables
  4. Trade alerts
  5. Weekly podcast updates
  6. Access to Golden Rolodex interviews 
  7. Access to previous newsletters
  8. Special monthly report about the recommended commodity stocks
  9. 24/7 customer service team


Unlike other forms of stocks, gold and metal (two of the most suggested by RWS) are volatile, meaning that the prices can fluctuate unpredictably.  

In this sense, you have to be extra cautious, and you must do your research well before going after the buy button on your port.


Is the Real Wealth Strategist a scam?

Personally, I think that the Real Wealth Strategist is not a scam, and it does exactly what it says – provides guides and stock alerts. 

If you have been reading some of the complaints from BBB and TrustPilot about its mother company, you can see that most of the customers are saying that the service is a scam. 

However, allow me to shed some light on this: 💡

  1. Some customers say that they could not earn a lot from the newsletter In its defence, the newsletter never promised any guaranteed profits on their sales page. It is clear that RWS is just a financial newsletter that recommends stocks (and not all recommendations are 100% correct all the time because no one can predict how the market will behave.)


  2. Some say that it took them a long time to get returns – This is the trading reality. You invest whatever amount you will not use soon. If you are just looking to park the money, then a bank savings account is much better.


  3. Some are complaining that the stocks are risky The sales page was very transparent that the stocks that will be dealt with in this newsletter are on natural resources. I guess some just bought the subscription package without really reading what the newsletter is all about.


So, would I recommend this? Absolutely yes! ✅

If you are looking to invest in profitable industries with confidence, then having the Real Wealth Strategist as a reference is a sweet deal. It is pocket-friendly and easy to follow. 

Lastly, I recommend this newsletter because the editor himself has a clean track record and has proved his experience in trading times and times again. 


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IS THE REAL WEALTH STRATEGIST A SCAMThe cost of starting this type of online business is less than one dollar per day, meaning that is readily available to anyone willing to put in the work.


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You won’t get rich overnight, but I can promise that success will follow if you stick to the gameplan that this community of like-minded individuals and I will teach you.

It’s time for me to end this Real Wealth Strategist review, so hopefully, I was able to shed light and answer the question on whether Matt Badiali is a scammer or not.

Please know that I wish you the best of luck wherever your journey takes you, but in case you make up your mind, you know where to find me.

Feel free to share your opinion with me down in the comment section below, and I promise to give my best to get back to you soon. 👋

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  1. Investing is never easy, and it’s even tough to find some mentors to help you with it.

    If you are lucky to have some real mentors such as Matt Badiali, you still need to do your homework and be responsible for all your investing decisions.

    No one can predict the market, and all the information provided by Real Wealth Strategies is only for reference. People need to have the correct mindset before joining RWS & making investments.

    On the other hand, affiliate marketing seems much more manageable than investing, and we indeed can see worthwhile results if we stick to your goal.

    I will take a serious look before bed tonight.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. I wouldn’t say that the problem lies in finding an actual mentor, but in the fact that most of them ask for an absurd amount of money.

      Everyone is willing to school you, as long as you’re willing to pay the price, which isn’t worth paying more often than not.

      As for my recommendation – make sure to check it out, and please know that I’m here if you need anything!

  2. If the guy has a personal Facebook account and is posting family stuff and pictures of his pets online, I’d say he’s pretty legit. Good to know!

    The fact that he is a geologist means he knows quite a bit more about natural resources that other advisors who do not have this knowledge.

    Whether this helps him to give more accurate advice is, however, unknown. But I would imagine that it does give him an edge over the competition.

    The complaints received through BBB and TrustPilot about its mother company seem pretty trivial.

    They seem like they are mostly from people who don’t understand trading, have no previous experience and want someone else to do all the work for them.

    I think these people are better off putting their money in the bank or under their mattress.

    Thanks for the review. This is one newsletter that seems worth the small investment.


    1. It’s like you’ve summed up my review in a single comment. Believe it or not, most of them are certain someones looking for a quick buck, and I honestly hope they read my review before signing up.

      Thanks for the comment, Andrew. It’s always a blessing to see that people are genuinely interested in my content. 🙂

  3. I agree with what you have said at the top of this post. These financial newsletters are just that, newsletters, and not a guarantee of any kind. You are the only one liable after pressing that “buy” button.

    Well said, man. It’s stupid how many people get this wrong.

    As for Matt Badiali’s newsletter, I’m not sure if I would follow his advice. I always read as many reviews as possible before joining a program, newsletter, or anything else for that matter.

    When I see that a program has many complaints from other users and tiny positive reviews, I always bounce away.

    If the numbers are 50-50, that it’s ok. But when negative reviews are in the majority, I know something is wrong.

    In any case, I’m more interested in what you have said by the end of this post. Your recommendation sounds excellent. I even did some additional research online, and I’m actually quite intrigued.

    I am looking forward to working with you!

    1. Make sure you read my review on WA since all the information you need is right there. I’ve been making a full-time income working from home thanks to their program, and I’ve barely even started.

      Don’t get me wrong. I may be at the beginning of my journey, but I’ve put as twice as much work as other people have.

      I’m excited for what the future holds for us. I’ll reach out to you as soon as sign-up, so make sure not to miss my onboarding message!

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