Is Club Z Tutoring a Scam? No, But I Have Something Better.

Club Z Review
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With everything going on worldwide, no one can doubt that this year will be one of both challenges and unique opportunities. 

From freelancing to online business, a lot of doors have opened for many folks, and by the looks of it, they are not planning to shut any time soon. 

Suppose you happen to think that being a tutor is something you’d enjoy, then read on as today’s review will answer the question of whether Club Z Tutoring is a scam or indeed an excellent earning opportunity, as speculated. 

If there is one sector heavily affected by the global pandemic, that would be the education sector. With countries pushing to limit face-to-face interactions, schools are forced to migrate every single part of their routine online in the blink of an eye, causing small schools to struggle on a whole new level.

From online classrooms, video conferences to sending modules, institutions were rigorously checked on delivering and maintaining effective education. 

Seeing that classes no longer follow a traditional format, parents have no choice but to become a part of the learning process of their kids.

Back in the day, parents would simply rely on teachers alone but given the circumstances today, nearly 80% of parents are expected to work hand in hand with teachers in educating their children. 

is Club Z Tutoring a scamIt may sound sweet and great, but let’s face a significant fact here – not all of us are born with a flair for teaching! 👨‍🏫


Moms and dads were overwhelmed due to the lack of educational resources and computers with internet connections. 

To top it all off, most of them are also expected to maintain the house, learn the lesson they will teach their kids, cook, show up for their remote job, and at the same time, keep the house members safe from the virus. 

Just typing it all up here is already making me feel dizzy about making time for everything. With this being said, many parents are considering hiring online tutors to help them out instead. 

You see, tutors are great not only because they have professional experience on a specific subject matter, but they can also come in pretty cheaply and highly flexible. 

I am not saying that you can pay them for a dollar or so, but given how they can excellently help in scaffolding your child’s needs, they are worth every penny. Better yet, you can schedule them anytime. 


Need help in Organic Chemistry or Calculus? 🧪

You can get the best tutors wherever you are in the world. There are also instances where you can avail of such service even if you are from another side of the world, not just the States.

So, you want a Chinese, Filipino, American, or Italian instructor? With modern educational platforms today, anything is possible.

Suppose that teaching is your cup of tea. In that case, becoming one during your free time is easily made available using popular websites like Khan AcademyCheggPreply, and Skooli

By becoming a certified tutor on those websites, you can easily earn at least $15 to even $35 an hour. 

However, note that it is a competitive career, which means that having a teaching certification, classroom experience, or graduate school credentials can further boost your application.

But what if you want to try out both online and in-house modes of tutorial? It’s a great thing that Club Z! Inc. exists today as it continues to be one of the best ones out there since 1995. 


Want to learn more about this opportunity? Read my complete review below.👇


What is Club Z Tutoring all about?

It’s no secret that we are born in an age of tutorials. Just type anything that comes to mind on Google or YouTube, and you can easily browse through hundreds to thousands of topics for various people.

Want to learn crochet or teach yourself how to start a printing business? Everything is possible online nowadays, but not everything has standards in mind.

I mean, would you rather listen to an Algebra tutorial narrated by a Text to Speech software or actually get information straight out of a professional instructor?

And as a student, what if you seek clarification? Then where exactly can you shoot a message and get an instant reply? Knowing that those questions are integral, Club Z made a tutoring service that answers is all.

Club Z is a tutoring and test prep service with a commanding A+ rating on BBB and a 3.8 on Trustpilot

One of the program highlights is the fact that it has an annual achievement award where outstanding students are given equal opportunities to win $25k cash and prizes. In terms of the actual services, below is the list of what Club Z has to offer:

  1. Online SAT classes
  2. Online ACT classes
  3. College admissions preparation
  4. Study skills training
  5. Online and in-house tutorial for pre-K subjects
  6. Online and in-house tutorial for college subjects
  7. Online and in-house training for writing
  8. Online and in-house training for reading
  9. Online and in-house training for math
  10. Online and in-house training for foreign language
  11. Online and in-house training for music lessons
  12. Online and in-house training for science


From the way I see it, Club Z Tutoring is a three in one product where they offer the following: tutorial services, franchise opportunities, and job opportunities as a tutor. 

Given the nature of my site, I decided to focus on what is even more critical to most of my readers, the tutorial part.


And here are my two cents on this. 🙂

The company has many services under its sleeves. It is refreshing to see tutorial services that seem to look like actual “tutorials,” not someplace where you can easily dump answers to homework like what you’ll probably see from Course Hero

Here, you can reach out through phone, online, or a 1-on-1 meeting and get instant support and explanations.


You see, the tutors here won’t just give answers right away. ❌

In this sense, if you are planning on being a tutor with them, then you will have to explain in detail how to process questions and how to answer them instead of giving answers directly. 


Therefore, quality of teaching is on an emphasis!✅

And what’s even more remarkable is that you as a tutor can also have feedback from your students (or the parents of the students) as they will leave a rating after every session. 

For some, the ratings may be a deal-breaker, but if you are committed to helping transform lives through knowledge, then I guess there’s really nothing to be afraid of.


In terms of legitimacy – if you have been a follower of the Daily Herald, then chances are you probably have come across the article featuring Club Z’s services recently. 

Additionally, it has been featured by Entrepreneur magazine as it’s considered an educational franchise that can potentially grow even more as the COVID-19 is becoming more prevalent.

And suppose those media exposures are still not enough. In that case, I think you’ll find comfort knowing that it was even posted by Good HousekeepingFinancial TimesEdu Reviewer, and Care as one of the best online tutoring websites for this year. 

Club Z Tutoring ReviewIf significant media sources like those are hyping the company, then it’s pretty much safe to say that Club Z is legitimate, and it wouldn’t have lasted for this long without any customer complaints if it wasn’t good enough. ⭐


It has grown from a single branch in Florida to 400 franchise locations all over the United States and Canada, as reflected by the number of branch-based social media pages it has.


At the same time, there’s something you need to hear. ⚠️

I have been assessing their website, and I found one thing that’s a bit sketchy. See the five faces of kids on the testimonials section? 

I ran a reverse image check, and I found out that one of the photos is from Shutter stock and the 123RF site! 

I was pretty surprised, and I find no real reason to use such a stock photo. I have checked the other pictures, and they came up clean.


How does Club Z Tutoring work for tutors?

For interested tutors, you do not have to worry since joining them is free, but do take note that the competition is fierce, which means that becoming a certified tutor is actually not as easy as it sounds.

You will have to do an initial interview over the phone, and then they will ask you to take a series of placement exams.

For the initial interview, one of the contact officers will call you and ask the basic employment questions where you will have to discuss your past experiences in related fields.

While the overall interview is not really structured and may go in different ways, expect that HR will give you situational tests to describe how you would professionally act in those instances.

If you pass the interview stage, you will be tasked to take a placement exam (for the subject/s you are focusing on) and the standard English and communication exam to check language use and clarity in giving instructions.

The placement exams will be done on-site (depending on your desired branch), and there is no pressure on how many subjects you want to take.

So, if you feel you are good in science, math, and a foreign language, feel free to tell your HR so that you can get a test for those. The tests are free, so why not take advantage and see which subject you are most suited for, right?

is Club Z Tutoring Legitimate Once you pass that, you will be invited for a final interview via phone and instructed to complete your tutor’s account on their online platform. 📝


Once you are on the site, you have to add details like your teaching style, certifications, experiences, demo video if you have one, and even set your schedule.

The company is flexible, and your earning will depend on how much time you are willing to spend teaching and the mode you want to be in. 

While the rate may vary per subject matter, the minimum for online teaching is set at $14, while the maximum is $35 per hour. For in-house tutoring, the average is $20 per hour.

Some tutors do 40 hours per week, while others do it for 10 hours a week. So without doing the math, we can all agree that joining in is very much possible and entirely worthwhile. 

However, if I were in your shoes, I’d rather try out the online tutorial mode than the in-house since the company does not shoulder the commute expenses. So, instead of stressing over traffic, I’d go online instead. 


On the platform, you have the chance to change your working hours. ⏱️

For instance, you can set two hours per month, but if a client comes offering to hire you for five hours for a day, then you can accept it without any hassle. 

But if you are asking for the regular schedule, you can expect parents to usually ask tutors like yourself for one-hour meetings twice a week.

You can also work on weekends and even holidays, but please do not expect many clients to flock over you instantly. 

Online reputation is crucial in this business, which means that you have to do your very best to get excellent ratings and improve on whatever gray areas you have in your teaching pedagogy.


Is Club Z Tutoring a Scam?

Club Z Tutoring is not a scam, and it is an excellent opportunity if and only if you are from the United States and Canada. 

While the job itself is fulfilling, I think that the only people who will enjoy this are those who are actually interested in sharing the information. 

I mean, not everyone has the same amount of patience and has mastered all sorts of lessons in one subject, so I suggest that you only do this if you like teaching and are confident in what you will teach.

At the end of that day, your profit is still very dependent on reviews of students and parents, so you have to wear your best smile and review your stock knowledge (if you are not yet a teacher) or pedagogy (if you have experienced being a teacher) every single day.

If you are not from the countries mentioned earlier, you can try out other companies like Chegg or Course Hero and see whether it is something you could also be happy to take on. 

If you want to teach language-related courses, there are also many openings for ESL teaching like Native CampPanda ABC, and Acadsoc.


But as I said in the first part of this post, teaching is not for everyone. 🙃

If you are like me and you’d rather have a less stressful type of opportunity where you can earn the same and even more than what Club Z offers, then read on my experience below.


Interested in greater profits?

It might be hard to believe at first, but I’ve been consistently earning four figures of passive income monthly for the past few years.

Last month alone, I nearly passed the five thousand dollars a month mark, and I would like nothing more than to take a moment of your time to show you how I did it in the latter part of my Club Z Tutoring review.

Before I do so, however, I would ask you not to get your hopes up and start to think that I’ll be showing you some get-rich-quick type of scheme that will make you an overnight success story, okay?


The business model that I’ll be sharing with you does work. 💯

Still, as with any other business, whether it’d be digital or physical, it requires a lot of dedication, perseverance, and a little bit of elbow grease from your end.

This list of success stories should give you a clear picture of what can be achieved, but ONLY if you overcome the tasks at hand and put in the time and effort to get to where you want to be.

While it may be challenging, it works like a charm, and anyone with the right mindset for success and growth can do it.

Club Z Tutoring AlternativeSo, without further ado, the best way to get familiar with what I and many others are doing is to look at my money guide as it explains everything there is to know about my business line. 💸


Inside, you will find everything you’ve always wanted to know about making money online, including how the blueprint to success works, the story of how I got started, and better yet, how you too can follow in my footsteps with literally less than two bucks a day.

I totally understand that even that might be too much for some of you, but at the same time, I assure you that what you’ll be about to read might just be the factor that decides whether you’ll succeed or fail in the future.

Like you, I have always been one of the firsts in line when it comes to trying out online opportunities, which has allowed me to experience the ins and outs of the online world.


I’ll even be honest with you. 😁

For some time, I even wondered whether it is really possible to earn income online. Luckily for me, I stumbled upon the very same business model that I’m sharing with you here today, and the rest is pretty much history.

Nowadays, I get to run this website that you’re currently on, and it has given me so much opportunity to enjoy life, meet lots of people, and push and motivate these same people towards their limits and goals.

I cannot say that I am at the peak of my career yet, but I do know for a fact that my experiences have been a wild roller coaster ride.

I have spent lots of money on things that don’t work, while I also unlocked many winning strategies on my own. Once more, here’s a link to my money guide, and I’m pretty sure you’ll use it wisely.

If you have questions or clarifications about how this system works, then feel free to comment them down below, and as always, I’ll give my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

As I end this article, I hope that I could shed light on this educational service and answer the question of whether Club Z Tutoring is a scam and a complete waste of time or not.

If you liked this post, show me some love and support by sharing this on social media to help spread information about this opportunity. All the best to you, and I hope to talk to you real soon. 👋


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  1. As a retired special education teacher, I have found that many of my peers have turned to tutoring. I, myself, am still rocking with the idea.

    I have looked into many online tutoring companies, but Club Z Tutoring seems to be one of the best from what I’ve read in this article.

    I like how it is very selective in the hiring process.

    They test not only the potential teacher’s knowledge of the subject but also the style of teaching.

    This is very important because not all students learn the same way and allow parents to match their child with the correct tutor.

    I do not think any of the other tutorial companies or websites that I explored did this.

    This is a great review, and thank you for it. I will share it with a few people I know whose kids would benefit from tutoring.


    1. Hey Nina, thanks for stopping by.

      I believe Club Z suits you well, and there’s no wrong in trying. I appreciate the kind remarks btw, and I hope your friends benefit from it too.

  2. Hi Gorjan,

    This is some excellent information, and you’ve got a great website. As I was reading this, I clicked on some of your links to your other posts. I really like the one about Canva.

    I’m working through my training on WA, but I also have Canva and love to make designs.

    This is my first time hearing about Club Z Tutoring.

    You’ve done an excellent job in getting out thorough information about them. Still, it seems to me that most people will be better off with the Wealthy Affiliate’s training.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. It really just depends on what they’re looking for. As you’ve seen yourself, WA offers a more suitable approach, but everyone has a different taste at the end of the day.

      Thanks for leaving a comment, Connie.

  3. I am a teacher in junior high school, and since last month I’ve also been an online tutor.

    For now, that is an extra income, but I hope that soon I can start expanding my student base and make online tutoring my primary income so that I can leave school.

    I’ve enjoyed working from home, and I do not agree to return to school when covid cases increase in my state. Many parents and teachers here feel the same way.

    Club Z Tutoring sounds like an excellent opportunity for both students and teachers. With such a rigorous hiring protocol, you can be assured that you’ll get exceptional tutors.

    Too bad they don’t accept tutors from other countries. I feel that they could enrich the program.

    1. I hope everything goes according to plan for you, Christine. I have to admit, the freedom and feeling you get working from home are irrepressible.

      All the best to you.

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