Inbound Closer Review: Scam in Disguise or Legit at $97?

Inbound Closer Review
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If you are a fan of the American TV series, The Suits, then I guess this is not the first time that you have ever wondered what a “closer” really means. 

In today’s article, we will dive into that and so much more, as I will present to you one of the highly requested products by my friends and colleagues, an information-packed Inbound Closer review for 2021. 

From the way Harvey Specter masterfully deals with high-ticket clients as a lawyer in the series, being a “closer” actually works in a similar manner where you provide premium services or products to specific clients. 


However, we should note that being one is not synonymous to how your regular salesperson works, and that’s why we will draw the line here. 

As a closer, your job is to take inbound calls from clients and seal deals. So basically, you are not supposed to do regular cold calls, chase after clients, or worry about selling and emptying your stocks. 

Instead, your focus is to ensure that your client will get the perfect puzzle piece for their needs. 🧩 ✓

For instance, if your client reaches out and asks if you can recommend a financial seminar for CEOs, your task will be to consider their specifications and look for ways to provide the best service. 

In this sense, you are not just closing a deal for the sake of earning money, but you are also motivated in helping your client land the right match despite the prices. 


Yep, you read that one right. 🙂

Usually, the clients here are after security and exclusivity.


As a closer, you will be tasked to provide premium recommendations and solutions at all times. And as we all know, sometimes the best products and services do cost a lot. 

If we will get back to our example above, our client is looking for a specific seminar where the target audiences are CEOs. 👨‍💼 💼

In this sense, you have to make sure to find seminars that actually fit the bill. You might have to ask your client some of the following questions:

  1. What’s the purpose? (This is important especially if the primary goal of your client is to connect and establish relationships with a specific group of people. With that being said, you have to find ways to check the names of the attendees for the seminar)

  2. What do you have in mind? (They will give the specifications at this time)

  3. When do you need the solution? (Because with urgency, you as a closer can jack up the prices!)


See? We did not even have to ask how much their budget is because usually, the clients in this field are just after the premium solutions. Such solutions are luxurious, convenient, and totally exclusive.

If you are seriously considering for a career change or thinking about getting your toes dipped into the field of sales and marketing, then this could be the perfect review for you. 

You see, what I’ll be reviewing here for you today is a popular training platform targeted for those who’d like a career as a professional closer.

Just like any job in the world, making a name for yourself in this type of business can be quite hard without the proper guidance and mindset. 

As a response to this, The Sales Mentor created a full-fledged training program that seeks to equip aspiring closers with the relevant skills to thrive in this “billion-dollar” industry.

Inbound Closer ReviewYou probably have seen the promising ads on YouTube and know how attractive this opportunity is. 

Unlike other forms of training, this one consistently markets itself as the best course that can help anyone earn commission checks every single day. 

But since scams are becoming more common and visible online today, I decided to give you my full review of this particular product.

With this being said, please note that this article will be based on my honest opinions so that I can help balance out all the lies and hypes you read about this program. 

You can rest assured that I am in no way shape or form connected to the company and the platform, thus, you can rest assured that I won’t sugarcoat anything. 🍬

If that sits well with you, then let’s Inbound Closer review started! 🚀


Inbound Closer Review

If you have been following my posts, you know that I do not advocate get-rich-quick schemes because usually these products or services are untrustworthy and a total scam. 

With this being said, I was instantly engrossed when I saw Inbound Closer’s advertisement, which made me wonder whether the opportunity they are selling is worth the time or not.

Just like anyone who has been in a 9-5 job, I know exactly how it feels to watch an advertisement which seems to sell the dream. 

A fantasy promise where you can simply take calls, close a deal or two, and spend the rest of your day doing whatever it is that you love. 🌞 ⛱️ 🌊


Inbound Closer even gave a specific amount ($980) of daily checks that you can simply cash out without investing on any marketing material or even doing a presentation.

And this is how The Sales Mentor structured their ads. They evoked feelings by using forceful words, imagery, and ended it with a sincere promise. 

And according to this buying behaviour research, our emotions can play a huge role and affect our decisions. To help you navigate this and give you accurate info about Inbound Closer, allow me to walk you through the loops. 

After all, we all want to know whether we can make it big in this industry, right? 🤔


What is Inbound Closer all about?

For the sake of this review, let’s assume that you have visited the official Inbound Closer site or the SalesMentor sales page. 

In that case, you have an idea about what they are offering – a program where you can learn about this “high-demand skill” that can help you succeed in advertising and sales in as short as 21 days. 

From the way I see it, the company is focused on two things:

  1. How to make you an effective affiliate marketer ✓
  2. How to help you close high-ticket deals ✓
  3. How to generate leads ✓


Suppose you register your email on the landing page of both the sites mentioned. In that case, you will automatically be redirected to a 23-minute video presentation which explains why being a closer is a great opportunity. 

Most of the points in the video are downright real, especially when Peyton Welch said that some of the available opportunities online might raise some struggles for beginners.

These struggles may include stuff like how to set up a digital career, learning coding or graphic designing, or other similar technical Inbound Closer a scamPeyton Welch is one of the faces of the program and is the current digital marketing consultant and senior advisor of Traffic and Funnels. 

Traffic and Funnels, along with the Sales Mentor, created this program to transform anyone into an effective closer who can handle big-time clients over the phone. 


So basically this is like your regular telemarketing course on steroids! 💉 💪

Hmmm, wait a minute. 🛑 ✋


I have always been an advocate of pure transparency when it comes to running a business. When I first landed on their site, I was surprised to see a lot of hefty promises which I think is just a little bit too much. 

For instance, during the video, you can see some repetitive lines or phrases like: 

• “...using nothing but a phone and a 6-page pdf…

• “…billion-dollar industry…” 

• “…daily commission checks of $980…

• “replace your 9-5 job with ease.” 🤨


I do not know about you, but lines like that instantly make any product look too good to be true, especially for this make money from home industry. 

You see, I have reviewed a lot of products and services and for someone who is a “digital marketing consultant” I think Peyton knows how much overhyped the wording and structure of the video and the whole page is.

In terms of legitimacy, The Sales Mentor enjoys a very positive 4.5 rating on Trustpilot and has around 4.5k followers on Facebook. In comparison, Traffic and Funnels have a 4.0 rating and a resounding 181k followers! 

As of writing, there are no pending cases under both companies, which is a relief to hear! 😮‍💨


How does Inbound Closer work?

Joining the program is easy! All you have to do is to go to the Sales Mentor site or the Inbound Closer page and register with your email.

After doing so, you will be required to watch a free video discussing the program and why you should try it out. 

After watching consistently (you cannot fast forward the video) you will be redirected to a sales page where you can purchase the Inbound Closer for a onetime payment of $97. 


You can not test drive the service since they don’t offer a free trial. 😐

However, you can opt for the money-back guarantee by sending an email to their sales team, and they will process your return within 24 to 48 hours.

Once you decide to purchase it, you will get your hands on the following:

•  Inbound Closer Accelerator (the unique video compilation of the Inbound Closer system course that is good for 21 days)

•  The Daily Commission Check Blueprint (the two-part module on how to land your first client)

•  Bonus: Access to a network of online entrepreneurs (the company will provide an updated list of clients which can be your next big lead)

•  Bonus: Post-call recordings and breakdowns (You can record your calls and get them analyzed to point out what you need to improve on)

•  Bonus: Access to the Inbound Closer Mastermind Group (a private Facebook group where all the students of Inbound Closer can join to ask questions or clarify matters)



How does this sound to me, you ask? 😊

For $97, I do not have anything wrong to say about the price. 

You see they even have a “no-questions will be asked” money-back guarantee, and you practically do not need anything else – just an internet connection, your computer, and you are good to begin learning. 


However, there are also some things I dislike about this. 😟

For instance, I find it weird that the post-call analysis is just a bonus. I mean, its an outstanding service but I wonder who will actually analyze the recording.


Could it be Peyton himself? 

Another mentor?

Who is this mentor? 


Is there some elite club who will analyze it for me? We seriously do not have an idea about how the entire process goes. So in this sense, how can they guarantee the analysis is actually on point?

I know that I shouldn’t expect much for a $97 course but may I just ask why they do not have a membership portal? 

I mean, I understand that Facebook is already good, but since you are paying for quality, I think it would be better to have a members-only portal where you can get safe access to a community. What is Inbound Closer ReviewI am not saying Facebook is not safe, okay? All I am saying is that it doesn’t look professional for a paid service.

For me, the quality of Daily Commission Check Blueprint is good but also flawed in some way. 

I understand that they want to encourage their students to strive hard and land their clients within the first week, but to be honest, it is almost impossible to do. 

This field is competitive, and large sharks are already in the pond, so it will take more than 21 days for a total beginner to be groomed for success. 🦈


While reviewing this, I called for back up!

I actually asked a friend, a closer back in 2018, about his reason for joining this business and why he decided to raise the white flag. He stated that while this can indeed be a great opportunity where you can finance your expenses, it is almost impossible to get checks consistently because of how ultra-competitive it is.


And this is what I do not like about Inbound Closer. ❌

I actually asked a friend, a closer back in 2018, about his reason for joining this business and why he decided to raise the white flag. 🏳️

He stated that while this can indeed be a great opportunity where you can finance your expenses, it is almost impossible to get checks consistently because of how ultra-competitive it is.


This is what worries me about Inbound Closer.

They did not take the time to discuss the realities of how difficult it can be to get your first client.

While their marketing stated that you only need a phone and a pdf, they were not honest about all the necessary things that can come as a cost to their students.

For instance, they did not even mention some of the basics like how important it is to optimize your LinkedIn account to attract clients or even how to market your own services through websites or social media. 👎


Is Inbound Closer a scam?

Let me say outright that Inbound Closer is a legitimate program and it can teach some useful skills given its fair price. It is affordable and has a money-back guarantee which makes me think that it is a win-win product. ✅


But remember, that this is just their primary offering – the tip of the iceberg! ⛰️

If you want to learn the complete craft, and intensely dive into their techniques and get a certification program, then you have to pay an additional $497!

For me, if you just want to get a feel of what it is like to become a closer, then I definitely can recommend the program.

But, if you’re going to become a professional one, then you better off looking for other products instead.


I have something better for you (way better actually!

If being a “closer” is not your cup of tea, then I firmly sense that my number one recommendation for making money online will suit you better, and it might be the next big thing that happens in your life.


And NO. I am not over exaggerating, nor am I kidding.


I firmly believe that with your all-out effort, passion, and the appropriate skills, you’ll be able to grow and manage a digital marketing business that’s on an astronomical level in just a few months.


My friends and I did it, and so can you! 💯


The business I’m referring to is known as affiliate marketing, and it’s a type of business that doesn’t require you to take calls or chase after high-ticket clients.

Instead, your main goal will be to promote products or services that you’re genuinely passionate about, or at least strongly believe in.


And can you guess who your target market will be?

People just like you and me. 🙂


Like being a closer, you get to earn through commissions, but your earnings here will actually be guaranteed as long as you dedicate yourself to publishing honest, high-quality posts on your website.


Yep, you read that right! ✓


You’ll get to create, grow, and manage your very own digital property and earn from it anytime and anywhere. (Wherever you are in the world)

Like Inbound Closer, my community, which goes by the name of Wealthy Affiliate, can become your family in this business.

This caring community can provide you with instant access to a member’s only platform where you’ll get the very same pieces of training, tips, tricks, and tools that helped me build the blog that you’re currently Inbound Closer legit This blog is now earning more than four figures of passive income per month, and I wouldn’t have been able to grow it into what it is today without the support that I’ve been getting from these guys over the past couple of years.

I am a premium member myself, and it would be my utmost pleasure to welcome you inside personally and share with you some of my best pointers on how to speed up the learning, and of course, earning curve.


Here’s my invitation, and I’ll let you decide what to do with it. 👈


Affiliates within this platform share their success stories on any given day. That alone should reassure you that this is indeed a legit income opportunity that you should consider becoming a part of.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few (if not the only) platforms that offer a forever free starter membership model, and that speaks for itself.

My advice is to sign-up, take advantage of the free lessons that this educational platform offers, and see whether it’s something you want to invest yourself in.

My Inbound Closer review is coming to an end, so that’s why I want to encourage you to ask any questions that you might have, whether it’s for the platform that I reviewed or for the one that I just recommended.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read through this entire post, and know that I wish you the best of luck wherever your journey takes you. Take care and keep on thriving. 😎 👋

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  1. I am out of debt and would like to build wealth. Affiliate marketing sounds excellent, so how can I get started?

    1. It’s not the best out there, but “The Secrets of a Master Closer” will get you your money’s worth.

  2. I thought you were a black guy, lol.

    I enjoyed the transparency in your blog as well as in the comments section. I doubt the affiliate marketing is for me because, actually, I’m not too fond of advertisements with a fiery purple passion.

    But if I could incorporate humour somehow, I’d be more likely to try it out or at least look more into it.


    1. Nope, white as snow.

      Affiliate marketing certainly gives you the freedom to express yourself creatively, and if humour is the path you want to take, then sure, why not. As long as your providing value, everything is reasonable.

      Just leave a comment if there’s some way I can help.

  3. Affiliate Marketing and Inbound Sales Closing are two professions that, in their own right, require time, effort, discipline, and tenacity to become good at it.

    There is no overnight success in neither field.

    Affiliate Marketing is not as simple. Put an ad and wait for the windfall.

    Nobody talks about websites or sales funnels, organic or paid advertising, SEO and ROI, conversion ratios of 2% or tracking, marketing, etc. And like you said, working hard for 5-6 months to see any results.

    We live in a society that is used to instant gratification. So many will up and quit before the 5-6 months.

    As an inbound closer, you learn people skills, understand the consumer’s mentality – their fears, worries, frustrations – by learning such skills, you do not use them to sell but advise and give options that the caller may not have identified yet.

    There are times that the inbound sales closer will advise the caller NOT to buy into the program because it would be a disservice to them and a potentially harmful review for the company you are closing for.

    The reality is, it may take an Affiliate Marketing newbie to see financial rewards after 5-6 months of hard work and dedication….as an Inbound Sales Closer with a “closing ratio” of 25% ( 1 out of 4) on a $3000 educational program at 10% commission would earn $300 for speaking to 4 people.

    How many times have we found ourselves sitting with friends or family and discussing a topic that you listened to all involved? You presented your opinion based on everything you heard….and surprise surprise; all are amazed by your findings?

    That is the same with inbound closing. You do not sell. You listen to their concern, their fears and doubts, their dreams and goals, then you analyze all and present them with options, and I always give the opportunity “don’t buy” because, in the end, they decide.

    I’d rather talk to 4 people and make $300 – $2,000+ commission in a matter of days that work hard for free for 5-6 months, continuously spending on ads, SEO, hosting, marketing classes and upsells and have no guarantee of how much I will make.

    At least as an inbound closer i know:
    – the price of the high ticket item (i.e. $19,000)
    – the commision (10% comm of $10,000 = $1,000)
    – what to do to budget
    — monthly budger. $5,000
    — my commision: $1,000
    — my closing ratio : 25%

    So to make $5,999 a month, I need to:
    — talk to 20 people who are calling in with already the interest to purchase
    — complete 5 sales (5 sales @ $1,000 comm)
    — $5,000 a month.

    It’s that simple. And to make more, the better I must become at what I do. Not spending on something I cannot control.

    You can’t do that with affiliate marketing.

    And one last comment.

    The so-called shady business of upselling that .the Coaching Industry is accused of was actually a marketing tactic pioneered by Affiliate Marketing., remember the phrase “making money on the back-end?

    Wealthy Affiliate and SalesMentor are coaching programs in two different industries but are basically the same. Both teach you techniques to make money, and both require learning and hard work implementing those techniques.

    I’d instead invest in myself and become a better version of myself than to do Affiliate Marketing.

    The tools recommended for success are also affiliated programs that the person recommending them is being compensated for each sign-up under their affiliate account, which to me is shady.

    At least an upsell is upfront and honest, and you decide if you want it or not.

    Well, that’s my view.

    Both have their pro’s and cons.

    Both will make you money….lots of money, but to achieve that level, you have to be willing to learn, implement, improve, and never give up.

    1. Hey Natanael, I am currently 20 y/o working a regular 40hr job just trying to dip my feet into Inbound closing and consider the $97 program.

      I tried researching more but couldn’t find an honest life answer like yours. However, I feel you hit most of the basic things I was concerned about and really reassured me with other doubts/questions.

      I was very excited to see that you didn’t make this comment too long ago in the hope I could reach out to you and hopefully get in contact not to ask for anything or be a burden but to speak to someone who has first-hand experience/knowledge OTHER than paid for or sponsored people.

      Hopefully, you could maybe share a little more detail with me on how your experience and thoughts were/is working in the Inbound Closing Field. (

      I’ve never been on this site before. So I’m not sure how it works or if you’ll even see this, but if you do, PLEASE reply here.

  4. You’re a phony, and I have proof.

    You used a double negative when talking about your connection to the company. You said, “I am in no way shape or form not connected to the company.”

    Two negatives equal a positive.

    You literally just said that you’re connected to the company, so technically, you aren’t lying. Nice way to cover your ass if someone files a lawsuit.


    1. That was literally nothing more than a typing mistake, and I thank you for letting me know. I just updated my post, so please feel free to be the one that files the lawsuit.

  5. So how hard is affiliate marketing? I really want a new job instead of working in a factory for 11.00 dollars an hour.

    1. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you about how easy affiliate marketing is, okay?

      The concept behind it is pretty straightforward, but it will require you to work for at least 2-3 hours per day for several months (5-6) until you start seeing results.

      You can speed up the process if you use paid traffic, but you will need to invest some money if you go down this path, as the name suggests.

  6. What is a good online gig to start young and make a reasonable amount of money? I’ve been looking into online jobs and can never seem to find the right one or one that’s not going to ask for 5000 dollars off the bat.

    1. This is the very same reason why I’m such a huge affiliate marketing fan.

      You can get started with less than one dollar per day, which, let’s be real here, nearly everyone can afford. The only downfall is that you’ll have to work hard and put in a lot of effort.

      Take a look at the last section of this post to find out how to get started.

  7. Hi Gorjan. When I understand you correctly, you say that students who want to learn the craft of a closer are supposed to spend $100 upfront and are then treated by an upsell of another $495 behind the paywall!?

    Wow – that’s a shady business tactic.

    Also, to be honest, working as a closer does not sound very appealing to me personally.

    I also read your recommendation at the end.

    I have to agree: Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic community, and I would suggest affiliate and content marketing over any other business model for 2020 and beyond. I wish you and your business efforts all the best!


    1. I assume that the $100 upfront payment is there just so that they can break even with their advertising, but yeah, I’d call it shady.

      They do tell you about it, but there’s a significant chance that you might miss that part and pay off a hundred bucks in a hurry. Either way, it can be improved.

      I’m glad you realized the potential that affiliate marketing has, and rest assured that 2021 will be my year!

  8. Thank you for such a clear and in-depth review of inbound closer.
    The program does sound legit as it also allows you to test drive it without committing a considerable amount of cash.

    As an affiliate marketer, I like to value my money on any training that I get. I have used many programs that do not have this in place at all.

    The program is also great since it is risk-free, too, meaning you will not lose anything by trying it.

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s risk-free, but I’d say that it’s an excellent program for those considering going down this path. There’s no such thing as risk-free, and if anyone states otherwise, they’re probably lying.

  9. These over-hyped sales pages for products are just annoying. And I also really don’t like it when you are forced to watch the whole video without being able to fast forward it.

    Anyway, thanks for the good information about Inbound Closer. It sounds like something that I could learn some interesting stuff from.

    But like you, I would like to know who is reviewing the recorded sessions and providing feedback.

    I mean, for a course price of only $97, I can’t imagine that anyone who really knows this stuff already is going to sit around and listen to recorded sessions all day when they could better spend their time closing their own deals.

    It’s more likely to be a person in a call center somewhere making five bucks an hour????

    It seems like the Facebook group is just added as an afterthought, and it doesn’t inspire to take them too seriously.

    I’ll be giving this one a miss.

    Thanks for the review.

    1. Tell me about it. Not being able to fast forward annoys the hell out of me too, and most often than not, I close the tab due to my impatience.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, though. Honest feedback from a reader is always welcomed!

  10. Hey Gorjan,

    A fantastic review of Inbound Closer, but I’ve come to expect this from you.

    A few things that concern me, which you have alluded to as well.
    I’m definitely not a fan of any program that tries to simplify the process of earning a living online (or anywhere else, for that matter).

    I think you and I both know that to make money by following any program, there is a lot of hard work involved.

    One of the main phrases that you’ll hear from people who ply their trade online is, “If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.”

    I understand that Inbound Closer makes specific claims about the ease of using their program as a way to lure people.

    However, those in the know realize that there is far more to earning money than merely “using your phone and a 6-page PDF”.

    It’s much more challenging than this in reality.

    I’m also extremely wary when programs make specific income claims, i.e., “$980 a day”. But, this once again is a way to lure people into the offer.

    With that said, I actually quite like the concept behind Inbound Closer, and in the main, you will typically deal with clients who are interested in high-ticket items.

    However, to even make your first sale, and many more sales after that, there is a lot to learn.

    I note that you mention an additional certification program for $497, and in reality, this is what you need to prove successful in this arena.

    I feel many of the claims are explicitly aimed at newbies to internet marketing, but in reality, I think you would need to have some form of sales and marketing experience to have any success with the program.

    As I’ve seen you say many times before, there are far better products and programs available to people new to online marketing.

    Plus, as your friend has said, this is a highly competitive market to get involved in.

    As I say, I do like the concept, and I genuinely believe that you could make something like Inbound Closer a success.

    However, I feel you need to have a certain mindset and some form of experience.

    As always, Gorjan, I love how honest and informative your reviews are.
    I can guarantee that if your readers continue to follow you and your recommendations, then they will “finally see the light.”

    Sometimes, success isn’t just about “what you know,” but also “who you know.”

    Keep going, my friend, a great job here, and always a pleasure to read anything you write.


    1. Hey, Partha. It’s always a pleasure to see you stop by on my blog.

      I’m also concerned about programs that play on people’s emotions, and I firmly believe that type of marketing is misleading and even a bit scammy to some extent.

      I’m always delighted to review a product that spits out all the truths and risks at once, but hey, you know how it is these days.

      There are just some people that prefer being lied to and love to hear that type of stuff instead of a transparent “You need to work hard.”

      Once again, I’m so happy to see you here, and know that I wish you the best of luck!

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