How to Integrate Clickfunnels with Maropost

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Are you interested in finding out how to integrate Clickfunnels with Maropost? If you answered YES, then this article is right for you.

Customer communication is a far-reaching business aspect that not many business owners try to comprehend or implement in their daily marketing activities. Excellent communication skills are vital when it comes to business growth, and some of them include speaking clearly, effectively, efficiently, and politely to your target audience and site visitors.

You also need to employ empathetic listening to your customer service setting. Excellent communication skills are required because this type of communication shows your customers that you truly understand what they mean instead of what they are simply saying. 

Connecting Maropost with Clickfunnels is a wise business move that can significantly benefit your business by merging the features from both platforms and providing you with the best from both worlds.   

You will need two things: 

  1. Clickfunnels Account
  2. Maropost Account 

Note: You will need to obtain your Maropost API Key and Account ID if you wish to connect the two platforms. The Application Programming Interface Key (API) plays an essential part in the joining process because it tells software components on how to interact and work with one another. 

Retrieve Maropost Account ID and API Key 

Follow these simple steps to extract your Maropost API and account ID. The procedure is effortless and can be done in no-time. Here is what you need to do: 


  1. Step #1: In your Maropost account, hover the cursor over your username to reveal the dropdown menu. Pick the third option that says “Connections”. how to integrate clickfunnels with maropost
  2. Step #2: Click the “API Keys” tab to view a list of API authentication tokens. If you want to create a new API Key, click on the “Add Key” button which will prompt you to create a new custom API.

Account ID 

  1. Step #1: Enter the “Connections” tab from the dropdown menu.

  2. Step #2: Your Account ID will appear on the page. 

How to connect Clickfunnels to Maropost

Here is what you need to do: 

  1. Step #1: In your Clickfunnels account, click on “Account Setting” from the profile picture dropdown menu.
  2. Step #2: Click on “Integrations” from the left navigation menu.

  3. Step #3: Once on the Manage API Integrations Page, click on the yellow “+Add New Integration” button located at the top right corner of your screen.
  4. Step #4: Browse the entire Clickfunnels Integrations list until you find “Maropost”. You can always use the search bar to make things run faster. Once found, click on it to proceed to the next step.
  5. Step #5: You will need to fill out the details for the integration. Name your integration in the “Integration Nickname” field and paste the Account ID and API Key that you previously copied from Maropost.
  6. Step #6: You will be redirected to Maropost where you’ll be asked to enter your login credentials to allow Clickfunnels full access to your Maropost account. This is the final step.

You have now successfully connected Clickfunnels to Maropost.

Now, by connecting the two platforms, you can launch more powerful campaigns and grow your business the proper way, through communication and engagement. You can easily follow up with an autoresponder sequence right after you have acquired the leads inside your Clickfunnels funnels. Plus you will have more detailed and precise data reports which you can analyze and use to make smarter business decisions in the future.

Maropost is an e-mail autoresponder specifically made to help marketers achieve better open and click-through rates by nurturing their customer base through the entire sales process. When I say entire, I mean to continue to nurture them long after a sale is made. 

The software was built to help companies grow by correctly engaging their customers. Maropost guides the customer and offers a unique experience at every step of the customer journey. The program helps business owners maintain a healthy communication that will likely result in boosted sales. 

Nowadays, it’s fair to say that most buyers are spoiled. You will be awarded better engagement and higher conversion rates if you decide to personalize the entire experience for your prospects. Customer engagement can be an enormous benefit to your business and of the main reasons is because it will form a long-term relationship with your customers. 

Clickfunnels, on the other hand, lets you create excellent sales funnels without any prior marketing or coding experience. Simply choose a funnel template and implement it to your business in a matter of seconds. The funnel builder has tons of beneficial features that can give you an unfair advantage over your competitors. Combine it with Maropost and use both platforms wisely to improve your marketing game and increase revenue. 

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