How to Create Exit Pop Ups in Clickfunnels in 2 Easy Steps

exit popups in clickfunnels
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Throughout this article, you will learn the action steps necessary to create exit pop ups in Clickfunnels. On top of that, I’ll share some insider tips on how to adjust them accordingly to your business needs.

When a visitor lands on your page, he or she sometimes tends to leave sooner than you think. This is entirely normal, and it happens all the time. Not every single visitor that lands on your site wants to stay on it, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to stop them from leaving.

You always want to try your best to keep the user on your site since it will improve your site’s bounce rate and will rank it higher in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Additionally, you will get the chance to transform them into returning visitors, which means more money in your pockets. 


 What Are Exit Pop-Ups?

The term speaks for itself – an exit pop up is a ‘box’ that appears when the user tries to leave your site. It’s a technique that’s used by many online stores who try to keep their visitors from leaving the site.

When the visitors’ cursor moves out of the page’s border, the exit-pop up appears. It’s the last thing the user sees before he leaves your site, meaning it’s your last chance to convince him to stay.

You should give your best effort to keep the user on the site, and I even recommend you follow some of these exit-pop up hacks that will provide you with the best possible results. If you do, the chances of converting your exit traffic into a loyal customer base will increase significantly.

Also, you need to keep in mind that every business has specific needs when it comes down to using exit-pop ups. My advice is always to try to give your readers an offer they can’t refuse.



Visitors are leaving your site for several reasons. One of them is probably the fact that they don’t find your content appealing enough or that the page they landed on was not something they were looking for in the first place.

The 15-second rule explains it best, but whatever the reason may be, you need to understand that pop-ups have become a staple in the online marketing world, and you should treat them as such.

Simply said – they will do nothing but good for you since the visitor was going to leave your site, so you might as well try and keep them anyways.


How To Add An Exit Pop-Up To Your Clickfunnels Page

Adding a pop up to your Clickfunnels page is quite easy since the software has one of the most user-friendly dashboards in the industry, in my opinion. Please note that you will need to have a Clickfunnels account and an active page for this to work.

  1. Step #1: First and foremost, you will need to log into your Clickfunnels account and find the funnel that you wish to add the exit-pop up to. After you’ve found your funnel, click on the bright orange button that says “Edit Page” to open the page editor.
    exit pop ups clickfunnels
  2. Step #2: There should be a pop-up button on top of that page. Hover over it and select the first option that says “Show Pop Up,” and the pop-up template should appear on your page.

exit pop up clickfunnels


 How To Edit Your Pop-Ups With The Page Editor 

If you follow these steps, you should have a custom made template in no time. Try and be creative with the design, so it matches your business theme and needs.

  1. Step #1: Click on the light blue “+” sign button to add a new row. Feel free to pick as many columns as you want.
    exit pop up clickfunnels
  2. Step #2: Adjust the template in the “Pop-Ups” setting tab.

exit pop ups clickufunnels

Here are some of the things you can play around with:

•  Background Image – Select an image that you wish to use as a background. Good design sells, so make sure it looks attractive and eye-catching, so it catches your visitors’ attention.

•  Trigger on Exit – You can either choose for the pop-up to “Don’t Show on Exit” or “Show When User Tries to Exit.” The second option always works best if you ask me.

•  Modal Width – This will determine the size of the template. You have three options: small, medium, and large.

•  The Final Step – Choose the color that you think will give you the best result and edit the design to your taste. Also, try to include a catchy headline if you wish to see optimal results.

exit pop ups clickfunnels


 How To Disable The Pop-Up In Clickfunnels

If at any given time you feel like you don’t want to have the pop-up anymore, know that you can remove it with less than a few clicks.

The first thing you need to do is to check the setting tab by clicking on the “Pop Up” button and choosing the “Edit Setting” option. Then you need to make sure that the “Trigger on Exit” is set on “Don’t Show on Exit”.

exit pop up clickfunnels

After that is done, you need to configure the Advanced Tab by clicking on the Animation section and turning off the time delay, as shown in the image below.

disable exit pop up clickfunnels

You’re almost finished, but you need to run some final checks to make sure that everything’s done correctly. Ensure that there:

•  Aren’t any buttons set to “Open the Pop-Up.”

•  There is no image element in the “Open Dash Pop Up” action.

•  You do the same steps with your text element as well.


A Final Word Before You Leave

I think that we both agree that Clickfunnels is a handy tool, but if you wish to see the best results with it it’s recommended that you learn from some of the top experts in the industry.

The One Funnel Away Challenge will force you to bite the bullet and get your first or next successful funnel built. It’s a laid out plan that will teach you how to effectively start implementing the key tasks that will get you funnels live, and your business flowing.


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    1. It might be best to contact Clickfunnels support for this inquiry. I’m no longer using it, so it would be kind of hard for me to explain to you what to do.

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