How Clickfunnels Grew? 

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This is the story of how Clickfunnels grew and became the notorious market-leading sales funnel builder that it is today. For many years people have wondered how the Clickfunnels team managed to surpass all of their competitors in record time. Frankly, it’s not every day you get to hear such a story. My advice is to take notes and eventually implement them into your own business.

The co-founder of Clickfunnels Russel Brunson, being a marketer himself, realized the importance of building sales funnels and using them into his daily marketing routine back in 2014. He wanted to help other entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners around the world in their lead generation efforts by creating software that will engage and attract new visitors more efficiently. That’s when he decided to develop Clickfunnels.

He launched the product in October 2014 alongside his partner Todd Dickerson. Their main intention was to create a program that can be easily applied to any business and used without any prior funnel expertise or coding background. They solved a considerable problem in the marketing industry by making the entire sales funnel building process accessible to anyone, and in return, they made millions.

The fantastic part of the story is the fact that the company was grown into a $360 million empire without any third-party investments. It’s currently one of the fastest-growing companies in the USA, and it was all made possible due to the brilliant business moves that Russel has done in the past.

Russel has managed to successfully launch the company thanks to his enormous e-mail list of over one million people. He then went out and wrote several successful marketing books in which he shares his proven blueprint to succeed online. The books are jam-packed with valuable tips and tricks that Russel personally used to grow Clickfunnels into the company that it is today. With over 250.000+ copies sold, his books have assisted many upcoming entrepreneurs and business owners in the online marketing clickfunnels grew

But it wasn’t always like that! Don’t let this story fool you and give you a false impression that Clickfunnels was built in a day. It took Russel many trials and errors before he finally launched the product on the marketplace. 

The idea of creating Clickfunnels was born when Russel was working on his DIY screen projectors. He thought of building sales funnels software when he was delivering the screen projectors around the university campus. He made a website where he would sell his information product on how to build a screen project and attached PayPal as a payment processor. This is one of his less-known projects that wasn’t successful, but it didn’t fail either because Russel learned a valuable lesson from his mistakes.

Another project that you might not have heard about is the one with the potato gun. Brunson created an informative guide that he would sell on his website that will teach people how to create a potato gun, step-by-step.

He managed to break-even but soon realized that he needed to change something if he wished to experience profits with the business model. That’s when he started using up-sells and extra pages to guide his prospects to a sale while giving them an unforgettable user experience. And all of it was all made possible because he used a sales funnel. The success that he had with the potato gun project gave him the confidence to launch his first software company. 

Clickfunnels is built by marketers, for marketers. The platform allows you to create stunning sales funnels from scratch even if you have never made a single funnel before. All you have to do is choose a funnel from the vast collection of funnel templates and apply it to your business in less than ten clicks. This will give you full control of any upcoming projects and will save you tons of time and money by not having to hire funnel experts to do it for you.

When designing Clickfunnels, Russel Brunson and Todd Dickerson wanted to create a lead-generation machine that can be easily adapted to any business and used with ease. It is fair to say the product has lived up to its expectations.

Brunson invested his heart and soul into his company and created a program that will serve many business owners and marketers for years to come. He made sure the program provides the users with precise analytical reports that will help them to make wiser business decisions in the future. Once it’s set, Clickfunnels runs of autopilot and allows its users to focus on more crucial business aspects and close more deals.

Clickfunnels offers two subscription plans, the first one being the Standard 98/Month, and the second one being the premium Etison Suite 297/Month plan. There are over 40.000+ active members that are using Clickfunnels daily, and %92 are subscribed to the standard plan. As I like to joke around, 40.000 people can’t be wrong. With the current growth rate, the company is predicted to pass the billion-dollar mark very soon. The results are quite astonishing and for an apparent reason.

Most SaaS companies allow users to test out their product before actually buying it, and Clickfunnels is one of them. If you still haven’t had the chance to use Clickfunnels, my recommendation is to try it out and see if it fits your business needs well. Once you’ve had the opportunity to play around with the program, I’m pretty sure you will find the answer to why and how Clickfunnels rose to the company that it is today.

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