Funnelytics Review: Funnel Mapping Has Never Been Easier

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Hey there, fellow reader, today I’m going to be providing you with massive value by sharing my favourite funnel mapping tool that you can use to see all of your work from a bird’s eye and plan out your marketing strategy with ease. 

The tool I’m going to talk about is called Fynnelytics, and it’s a special kind of tool that lets you itemize your marketing funnel and brake it into separate pieces so you can see which parts are working and which ones aren’t. 

Using it, you can sketch out and visualize a funnel for yourself and your internal projects as well as for clients or other people that might benefit from it. 

I hope you like my Funnelytics Review, and if you feel like I’ve missed something or you’re curious to find out more about this tool, feel free to let me know by leaving a comment right underneath this post.  


What is Fynnelytics?

Funnelytics is an enjoyable and comprehensive tool that is made to assist marketers like you and me to understand better what our campaigns are made of and to help us grasp how our visitors are moving through our funnels. 

It’s a funnel mapping software that you can use to map out and analyze your sales funnels, making the required changes to improve their performance. 

Funnel mapping tools have had a gradual increase in fame recently, and there’s a good reason for that. With them, we’re able to see how our funnels would look before they are built. 

Thanks to the effortless drag and drop visual interface and the analytics features, we’re able to create a funnel strategy that we can later analyze and see how our funnel is performing once enough people have gone through it. 


Can You Build Funnels With Funnelytics?

Unfortunately no. Funnelytics can help you sketch and scale highly profitable funnels, calculate their stats, but it doesn’t have the required features to help you build them like Autofunnel by Get Response and Clickfunnels do. 

But don’t let that disappoint you since you can still take advantage of it and use it in a way that allows you to have a big picture view of all of your marketing assets in one place. 


Why Do You Need a Funnel Sketching Tool? 

The first and most significant reason you would want to use a funnel sketching tool for your business is to help you organize your marketing tactics. 

Perhaps you’re working on several tactics that may include things like SEO, retargeting, e-mail marketing, creating lead magnets, and much other stuff.  

What a funnel sketcher does is, it helps you to streamline the process and give you a visual representation of your strategy. 

That way, it looks beautiful and tidy, and you’ll have a visual that you can share with your clients so they can effortlessly understand the process and be willing to consider or accept new suggestions and ideas. 

Fynnelytics makes things easier for you by helping you share your thought process with the consumer and displaying all of the numbers that they need to hit to achieve success with their funnel. 

There’s a strong possibility that your client might not understand how your funnel works, making it harder for you to sell your idea to him. 


Funnelytics Features


Map Your Sales Funnels 

The first thing that you will see once you start using Funnelytics is the blank canvas. It has everything you need to sketch, optimize, and analyze your funnels. 

Funnelytics comes with many mapping tools that you can find on the left side of your screen and many other analytics tools that you can use to see your results.funnelytics review On the right side of your screen, you should see the key tabs that will give you a clear picture of how your funnel is behaving and what its’ level of performance. 

You also have icons for all traffic sources, and there’s even the option to upload custom ones if you happen to need them. You can also add different elements on your canvas like landing pages, social icons, actions, etc. 


Fynnelytics Premade Templates 

I know that some of you might not be the best funnel builders, but that shouldn’t concern you because Funnelytics gives you access to a high number of free and paid pre-made funnel templates. 

You also have the option to open up the Funnelytics Vault and explore some of the most converting funnel templates across various industries. Most of the funnels you’ll find inside are profitable models from some of the top marketers you might already have heard of. funnelytics funnel vaultFynnelytics have hacked funnels from some of the industry’s well-known names, such as Frank Kern, Dan Henry, Sam Ovens, Russel Brunson, Tony Robbins, and Tai Lopez and many others. 

If you’re selling marketing services, know that you can easily impress your clients by simply picking and showing one of the DFY funnels that you can find inside the Funnelytics Vault. 

There’s a considerable chance that you’ll make a lasting impression since all of the funnels inside have proven to work already. 


You Can Forecast Your Results 

Fynnelytics has this cool forecasting feature that can help you answer one of the most critical questions: “What numbers do I need to hit to make my funnel profitable?” 

All you have to do is enter the forecast section and input all of the values and conversions of each step of your funnel. By doing so, Funnelytics will spit out some vital stats like revenue, expenses, profits, ROI, and so forth.what is funnelytics This is a great way to determine whether your funnel will be profitable or not and will help you to make smarter business decisions by setting goals and budgets for your campaigns. 

Can you even imagine how powerful and convincing this would be if you show it to your client? There’s a strong chance that this will give them the confidence to proceed with your game plan since you’re showing them “real results”. 

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Funnelytics Analytics – Track Real Numbers 

This is undoubtedly my favorite Funnelytics feature, and it’s what makes this tool stand out from most other mapping tools out there. 

With Funnelytics, you’re able to install a code on your site, and it will instantly start to track every person that goes through your pages. 

The Funnelytics code is very similar to the Facebook Pixel one, and you can install it on your site with just a few clicks. Once you’ve installed it, all you need to do is click on the purple “Numbers” button to see real stats of people who are flowing through your funnel. FUNNELYTICS ANALYTICS The stats will display all sorts of beneficial information like the page to page conversions, the number of visitors from any of your traffic sources, the conversion rates from specific actions, and lots of other cool stuff. 

You even get a chance to take things a step further and dive even more in-depth and focus on one particular funnel step, for instance, Facebook Ads. 

You can see how many people that traffic source has brought you, how many leads have been generated, and how many of those leads have converted into actual customers. 

This is a powerful feature since you’re able to locate and fix all of your funnel leaks. You can find out which ads are profitable, which e-mail sequence converts, and how your visitors are behaving through each funnel step separately. 

My advice is to combine the Analytics and Forecasting feature if you want to get the most out of this platform. With both features turned on, you’ll see which parts are underperforming, and you’ll know what to do to get your funnel to perform as it should. 

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Benefits of using the Funnelytics software tool

I’m sure that many benefits will follow if you decide to use Funnelytics as your funnel mapping tool, especially if you know your way around the software itself. 

As previously mentioned, the blank canvas will be your starting point and will allow you to express your ideas clearly and comprehensively. 

The lack of confusion will make things easier for your teammates since they also will be able to comprehend your funnel structure and figure out each step of your marketing strategy without a hitch.

This tool will also allow you to make some rapid and quick changes to the actual finished product without actually touching or affecting its performance. 


What can Funnelytics help you with?  

  1. Funnelytics provides you with an aesthetic tool to work with. It is not only decent and easy to understand, but you can also show it to your clients to know what you are working with.


  2. This tool also gives you the ability to analyze the performances of the funnel and compare them together to see which factors bring ahead a higher rate of conversion and which ones aren’t.


  3. When your funnels are working correctly, you may want to share them with your teammates or clients. Or, in case there is a problem somewhere, you may want to share it with someone who could help you come up with a solution. This is why the sharing feature is so popular among users. It helps them ensure that everyone involved is on the same page.


  4. You also get the ability to track and inspect all the specific elements in the funnel. You can also have this done separately to ensure that the other surrounding parts are not influenced. 


There are some Pros of using Funnelytics

•  Free Version Available ✔️

•  Drag and Drop Interface ✔️

•  Supportive Community ✔️

•  Export and File Sharing ✔️

•  Helpful Templates From Successful Marketers ✔️

•  Easy Tracking of Revenue ✔️

•  Funnel Planning Simplified ✔️

•  Powerful Analytics and Reporting ✔️


Funnelytics Pricing Plans

My Funnelytics Review is coming to an end, so it thought that it would be a great idea to inform you about the pricing plans if you ever decide to use this funnel mapping software. 


Funnelytics offers three pricing plans, the Basic, the Marketer, and the Pro Package

The Basic Plan in entirely free, which is quite cool since you’ll be able to test the platform first hand and mess around with some of its basic features. 

I think there’s no need to remind you that what you pay is what you get, so don’t be surprised to find out that this pricing plan comes with limitations and does not give you access to some of the more advanced features. 


The Marketer pricing options offer everything that goes inside the Basic plan, plus you get access to unlimited canvases, premium templates, and custom icons. You can also add unlimited teammates and clients. 

With this plan, you’re able to forecast conversions, revenue, and profits. It comes at an affordable price of $49 per month, or you can get it cheaper if you buy the annual plan, which stands at $470 per year. 


The Pro Version comes at a $790 per year price (annual only), and its where Funnelytics shines. With it, you can track and measure customers, leads, revenue, ad tracking, and even use the heat map feature. 

You can also compare forecasts to real metrics, track custom actions on your pages, and a bunch of other cool stuff that you can find on this page. 

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Funnelytics Review Wrap up

Funnelytics has helped to visualize my funnel and see each step from above. It has truly helped me to map out the journey for my readers better and plan out everything without having to worry if I’m going to make a mistake or not. 

I genuinely believe that it can be a helpful addition to your marketing arsenal and help you reach even higher numbers and achieve more ‘unattainable’ goals. 

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